Important Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Spa

Important Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Spa

We recommend asking these questions when shopping for a new hot tub:

What is included with my spa purchase?

Premier's Answer: We include a 5" insulated locking cover, cover lift, spa steps, full-size start-up and weekly maintenance chemicals, a 40+ point spa inspection, and free standard delivery (within a 30-mile radius of our store).

What is the warranty on the spa? Who services warranty calls and how quickly are they serviced?

Premier's Answer: 1-5 year parts & labor warranty, depending on what model spa you select. Our award-winning service department generally completes the warranty call within 1-2 business days because our spa customers are our top priority.  There are no labor charges for spas sold in our service area.

How are your spas insulated?

Premier's Answer: Arctic Spas have closed-cell insulation on the shell with high-density perimeter cabinet insulation. If you were to lose power, your spa will not freeze for up to 5 days even in -4 degree weather! A study showed that perimeter-insulated spas are 25% more efficient than a typical foam-filled spa. On average, a perimeter-insulated spa costs less than 60 cents per day while a foam-filled spa costs over 75 cents per day.

Can you monitor your spa remotely from anywhere in the world?

Premier's Answer: Arctic Spas come with two different options to monitor your spa through apps from anywhere: OnSpa and In.Touch2. These apps allow you to monitor & control your spa from anywhere in the world allowing you to change filter settings, temperature, control pumps, lighting, and much more.

Is there a way to monitor your sanitizer & pH levels?

Premier's Answer: Our Arctic Spas have an add-on feature "Spa Boy" which is an automated water care system. Spa Boy is a saltwater system that monitors and helps maintain ideal water conditions. Additionally, it allows you to check and adjust the water on your phone. 

Will you help me maintain my Spa after purchase?

Premier's Answer: Our staff is excited to guide you on this journey, so you're able to bring in water for free testing and one of our knowledgeable CPO-certified staff members will assist you in balancing your spa.  They are also available by phone or email; whatever works easiest for you.  If you want a completely hands-off experience in maintaining your spa, our service department is able to take full care of your spa via our Just Soak program.

Is a saltwater system offered on your spas? Are they damaging to spas?

Premier's Answer: Arctic Spas offer saltwater systems, whether you are looking for an automated system (Spa Boy) or a nonautomated system (Onzen). Saltwater systems are not damaging to spa equipment when you are balancing your water properly. Our team is here to teach & assist you with properly balancing your spa water.

What are the advantages of saltwater?

Premier's Answer: There are several advantages of a saltwater system. First, sanitizer is created rather than added so you don't have to worry about maintaining your sanitizer level. Secondly, the spas water is much gentler for the skin & eyes since it has a similar salinity to a human tear. Lastly, the cost to maintain a saltwater spa is lower due to these factors: you rarely need to add sanitizer to the water, you rarely need to add salt since it never leaves your water unless the water splashes out, and not having to drain your spa as often.

What kind of surface does the spa need to be placed on?

Premier's Answer: Arctic Classic or Custom Spas may be placed on any firm and level surface. These spas have a base called a Forever Floor that is composed of SMC fiberglass composites which makes the spa impervious to moisture, pests, and time.  Core Series Spas need to be placed on concrete or professionally installed pavers.