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Swimming Pool Closings

Please take a second to review a few quick items regarding our Pool Closing Service:

Before your scheduled closing, your pool should be clear and the water balanced.  Do all housekeeping chores, brush walls and vacuum the pool, empty skimmers, test and balance water.  Pool heaters should be turned off at least 24 hours before scheduled closing. Backwash the filter and lower the pool water to below the returns if you have a mesh or water bag cover.  Also be sure that all auto covers are pumped off.  Have all winter parts and covers available for Service Techs when they arrive at your pool.  All repairs should be done before pool closing. 

Here’s what’s included in a Standard Pool Closing:

  • Winterize filter
  • Winterize pump
  • Winterize heater
  • Remove skimmer basket/s and return eyeballs
  • Blow out all plumbing lines, add antifreeze,  and install winter plugs (Premier double plugs the returns)
  • Note: All plugs, return eyeballs, etc. that were removed are stored in the pump basket and blue backpack bag provided by Premier.
  • Clean up trash and tools used for closing the pool
  • 3 Gallons Antifreeze included

…and what’s NOT included or may be an additional charge: 

  • Adding winterizing chemicals
  • Lowering Water
  • Any winterizing plugs, gizmos, etc. that are needed and not on site will be charged to the customer on a standard closing (check Pre-Scheduled and Pre-Pay Closings for difference).
  • Spa Closing
  • Turning off electricity and take trippers off timers
  • Installing cover. Any covers already on the pool will be charged for the removal of the cover and charged again for putting the cover back on.  The Service Technicians need full access to your whole pool.
  • Chemically clean filters and store for the winter, re-install on spring opening
  • Note: Please make sure we have access to the pool as well as the cover and winterization plugs for the skimmer and returns.  Be sure that auto cover keys are left out for Techs so that they can get into your pool.  Pools should have auto covers pumped off.
  • If you would like any of the above done, please ask for pricing when calling to set up your pool closing

Looking for a deal?  Check out our Open/Close Specials

Please note: Premier Pool & Spa recommends you prepay and schedule your pool closing during our prepaid open/close special in January/February of each year.  This will ensure you can be scheduled for a time that works best for both you and our service technicians. Our schedule is usually around 90% booked before February ends.

Swimming Pool Closings