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Swimming Pool & Spa Weekly Maintenance

Do you want your pool or hot tub clear and ready to use, but don’t have the time to spend testing, adding chemicals, brushing, vacuuming, and netting?  Weekly maintenance for your pool or hot tub is available at a competitive price from Premier Pool & Spa.  Contact us now to receive all the information you need and to get set up for your Just Swim and/or Just Soak maintenance program.

Our Swimming Pool Service area is limited to the Western Suburbs of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in Minnesota.  Premier Pool & Spa is a small company, not affiliated with the national brand, so we apologize if we are not in your area to provide service.

The Just Swim Program for Pools Includes:

Pool Opening

• Removing the winter plugs
• Installing the return eyeballs
• Hooking up pool equipment
• Starting and testing the pool equipment

Spring Clean Up

• Cover Cleaning
• Any chemicals needed
• Spring pool cleanings as needed to clear out winter debris and return pool to sparkling condition

Weekly Pool Service

  • Add Maintenance Chemicals – Chlorine, balancers, sequestering agents, and filter aids as needed
  • Clean & start automatic/robotic pool cleaner
  • Brush Swimming pool interior
  • Skim water surface
  • Clean all pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwash or clean filters as needed
  • Monitor proper system operations
  • Vacuum as needed
  • No Charge Follow-Up visits scheduled automatically as needed

Pool Closing

  • Test pool water
  • Remove return eyeballs
  • Blow the all lines, fountain jets, slide lines, fill lines, and attached spas
  • Add the antifreeze
  • Install the winter plugs
  • Drain all pool equipment
  • Closing Chemicals
  • Free replacement of any required closing items (anchors, plugs, etc)
  • Pool cover installation
  • The Just Soak all-inclusive maintenance package for spas includes:

  • Complete weekly water test
  • All water maintenance chemicals
  • Two drain, clean, refill services on the spa each year (spa open/close included instead if spa is not open 52 weeks a year)
  • Spa interior surfaces cleaned weekly
  • Spa bottom vacuumed as needed
  • Spa skimmer baskets cleaned
  • Cartridge filters chemically cleaned at our store regularly (customer must have 2 complete sets of filters for spa)
  • Spa cover cleaned and protected as needed
  • Monitoring of proper spa system operations.
  • If the spa requires a follow-up we will automatically schedule a no charge follow-up.  If your spa starts getting cloudy and you aren’t sure if we have a follow-up scheduled, please contact us and we will schedule a no charge follow-up if one isn’t already scheduled.
  • Please note, the customer is responsible for adding water to the spa, technicians are strictly forbidden from adding water.