Finding a New Spa Cover

When searching for a new spa cover, look for covers made from durable materials with excellent water resistance to shield your spa from the elements effectively. UV protection is crucial to prevent fading and damage caused by the sun.

Opt for a thicker cover with strong insulation properties to enhance energy efficiency and maintain water temperature. Ensure a secure fit to prevent heat loss and improve safety.

Additionally, consider covers with reinforced seams and sturdy fastening mechanisms for durability. Seek out options that are easy to clean and maintain, making your spa experience both luxurious and hassle-free.

Order a Tailor-Made Spa Cover

Not looking for an Arctic Cover? Get a custom covers built in 6-8 weeks. These covers have many upgrade or downgrade options to help fit your budget. All of our custom covers are made in the USA by Merlin Industries and come in an assortment of luxurious textured fabrics with enhanced UV inhibitors.

Custom covers must be picked up in store. If you are local we can sometimes deliver the cover and install a cover lift if needed. contact the service department for availability.

Other In-Stock Covers

We sometimes have covers in stock that will fit Arctic Spas or other spa brands. Check here for often discounted in-stock spa covers.