Pleatco Pure Start Filter

Pleatco Pure Start Filter

Using Pleatco PureStart® filters is simple!

A. Attach filter to the garden hose to fill up Pools or Spas.
B. Place into your pool or spa. Remember the smaller filter is best suited for filling SPAS and small pools and topping off large pools and the larger unit is best suited for larger above ground pools, swim spas and in ground pools.
C. Let the filter hang in the water as it fills - Pleatco PureStart® filters are designed to float and not harm the walls.
D. Monitor occasionally as you fill and see the crystal clear results.

(Replace Pleatco PureStart® filters when you notice restricted water flow. This means the cartridge is fully loaded with dirt particles and can be disposed of).

Features of The Pleatco PureStart Pre-Fill Cartridges:

  • Removes solids from the water as you fill or top-off a pool or spa.
  • Reduces hard mineral deposits including magnesium, iron and calcium deposits.
  • Provides down to 5 micron cleaning.
  • Are constructed from superior melt spun technology.
  • Attaches to a garden hose for easy use.
  • The smaller and large filters can be used to both fill & top off any pool or spa regardless of make or model or spa regardless of make or model.
  • Pleatco Purestart® pre-fill cartridges are an affordable, disposable filter that can be used for multiple  pool & spa fills.
  • Pleatco Purestart® pre-fill cartridges are perfect for both service pros & pool/spa owners alike.