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Here are a few of the key features that make Arctic Spas the leader in portable spas: 

  • OnSpa - Allows you to monitor and control your hot tub from anywhere in the world using the Arctic Spa App on your phone or via the web portal.  Have a question about your spa? We can access the spa for you and let you know how it is doing.
  • Peak Ozone - When water moves through an area where it is exposed to activated oxygen, or ozone, it provides remarkable oxidation, resulting in less need for "shock" or Chemical Oxidizers.
  • Forever Floor- You don't have to lay concrete for tubs under 8' with this floor because this is sufficient
  • Mylovac & Weathershield Covers - We call them walk-on covers because they hold up to 1000 lbs.
  • Total Access - You can get at any part of the spa quickly and efficiently
  • Free Heat - Perimeter Insulation system  
  • Spa Boy - Our automated salt water care system  
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The Ultimate Cold-Weather Hot Tub

Built in Canada, the Arctic Spa is built from the top to bottom with the knowledge that weather will make a huge difference in the life and ongoing maintenance of your spa. This makes it the premier hot tub for the cold-weather, snow, and extreme temperature swings in the Midwest.

Mylovac Cover

Arctic's standard cover is unlike any other in the industry. The Mylovac Cover starts with foam twice as dense as the industry average. They also insert a metal “C” channel into the foam centers.

This creates a cover capable of supporting thousands of pounds of weight. Never worry about snow loads or kid loads again. The inserts are wrapped in a metal/poly bag (similar to a coffee bag).

This technology is the only system capable of completely keeping moisture off of your cover inserts. Wet and heavy covers result in constantly increasing running costs as well as regular cover replacement.

Longer wind flaps, locking straps, carry handles, and an insulating baffle along the entire seam finish off the best cover in the industry.

Free Heat

Free Heat is Arctic's patented insulation design that will guarantee lower running costs and true protection from the cold. This system heats your hot tub by using excess heat that is already produced, rather than wasting it.

Arctic Spa uses insulation that covers the full perimeter of the hot tub just like your house. We cover the floors, walls, and cabinets in a fully engineered way to guarantee you save money and protect your tub from the cold.

This insulation technique is able to trap that heat that is produced from the equipment that is running your tub! The fibreglass shell plays one of the most important roles in this system as the uninsulated shell allows for a full heat transfer. This fine-tuned system is guaranteed to save you money and protect your tub in the winter.

Forever Floor

Arctic Spa engineers decided to raise the bar yet again by developing the Forever Floor.

Composed of SMC fiberglass composites, this floor is impervious to moisture, pests, and time. It completely eliminates the need for foundation materials like concrete, decking, or blocks!

Just set it on firm, level ground, hook it up, fill and use.

Installation has never been easier and your floor will last forever in any conditions. In addition, your portable spa is now truly portable. If you move spa locations in your yard or if you move across town, the foundation comes with you.

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