Coldtub PolarPool
Coldtub PolarPool
Coldtub PolarPool
Coldtub PolarPool
Coldtub PolarPool
Coldtub PolarPool

Coldtub PolarPool

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The POLARPOOL® is the original cold plunge tub from COLDTUB™.  It is designed to fit 3-5 people so it is a popular option for small teams and athletic facilities.  Because the temperature can range from 42-104 degrees, it also makes a great choice for the home user who wants the option to turn it into a hot tub when friends or family want to use it together.

It will still roll through a standard doorway and plug into a standard wall outlet so is a great fit both indoors or out.  Simply put your new coldtub in place, fill it up with water, plug it in, and set the temperature.  

The PolarPool with Pro-Package comes with everything you would want for a small group cold plunge or hot water therapy use.  It includes connection to a website where you can monitor and changes your water temperature and settings, and COLDTUB™ Pal to help regulate the water balance.  It also includes Coldtub's Fastfreeze and Heating system, allowing the temperature to range from 42º – 104ºF so you can use this model for both hot water therapy or cold plunge benefits.  Unlike a traditional icebath, your temperature can be set to and remain on the degree that works best for your body's needs. 

We advise adding on the Pro-Package to any Coldtub for the biggest discount on the most desired features.

If you do not want the standard black exterior, Coldtub can create a custom exterior wrap for your plunge with almost any design you can think of to make it personally you.  Simply send us your team logo or an image or design and we can verify it will work.  If you are looking for something to fit it with a more natural setting, it can be wrapped in cedar or a stone look ($800 option). 

*This item generally takes 6-8 weeks to arrive.

  • FastFreez Cooling and Filtration System
  • Heating System
  • Mylovac Cover
  • Web Connect and First Year Monitoring
  • Light
  • Micro Filtration
  • UL Safety Conformity
  • Plug & Play
  • Start Up Water Chemical Kit
  • Steps (on Icepod & Icepod Plus)
  • Free Standard Delivery (see options for in our service area versus outside of our standard service area)
  • Coldtub Pal
  • Extended Warranty

1. Precise Temperature Control
The COLDTUB™ can be cooled to 42 degrees with the push of a button! (5.5 C). They can be set and maintained within +/- two degrees F.

2. Fits through a standard doorway. The most portable COLDTUB™ on the market
Totally self contained, fits through a standard doorway, and simply plugs into a normal 110V socket!No separate equipment pack, everything is contained within the tub perimeter. Can be easily transported between sites.

3. 100% Self Cleaning. Eliminates cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and transporting hundreds of pounds of ice.
Combines salt water chlorination, mechanical filtration, antibacterial coating, and built in sanitizer measurement to make it virtually maintenance free and 100% self cleaning. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is totally and immediately neutralized by the ColdTub water treatment system. Oxidation-Reduction-Potential (ORP) of the water can be monitored and digitally displayed. No daily draining!

4. ColdTub Pal automated sanitizing system and water chemistry monitor.

5. registration and remote access.

6. The Lowest Maintenance Cooling System Available
With fewer moving parts than other cooling systems, our system requires significantly less maintenance and care.

7. The Only COLDTUB™ with Sound Wave Therapy
Special sound equipment and vibro-acoustic audio tracks deliver therapeutic sound waves for a massaging effect.
Also plays standard audio tracks from any external source; listen to personal music or training-related recordings.

8. Wireless Smart Phone Control
The future is now with free smart phone apps available for your COLDTUB™. Monitor temperatures, adjust filtration settings, download videos or the COLDTUB™ Owner’s Manual right to your phone or other mobile device. Apps are available NOW for iPhone, iPad. Go to iTunes to download and install this FREE app.

9. Every COLDTUB™ is Unique. Use your team logo
You decide the appearance of the exterior cabinet. Any color, team logo, company colors or personal design.

Coldtubs outside of our Standard Delivery Area will be delivered crated to your curbside. The Icepod & Icepod PLUS fit through a standard door opening.

Coldtubs within our Standard Delivery Area (30 miles around Chanhassen, MN) will be delivered to your home/location and installed at no charge, assuming the delivery area is accessible the entire way to the final resting place with a two-person delviery team and without the need of additional equipment. Locations between 30-100 miles from our store can be delivered to their final location with a small mileage fee.

For details and questions on shipping and delivery, please contact us before purchasing.

COLDTUB™ designs and manufactures cold water therapy products (aka cryotherapy, cold water immersion, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy). Our flagship product, the POLARPOOL® COLDTUB™ was inspired by Don DelNegro, head Athletic Trainer for the Boston Bruins hockey team, as he searched for a better alternative to common steel whirlpools for his athletes.

Don, like many other trainers, was concerned about the safety, sanitization, size, chemical maintenance, and set up time required by traditional cold water tanks.

Our paths crossed and visions joined to create the solution. The POLARPOOL® COLDTUB™ was created and has now exploded onto the professional and collegiate athletic training scene. Since the Boston Bruins hockey team purchased the first POLARPOOL® COLDTUB™, many other organizations have followed suit; the San Jose Sharks, the University of Florida Gators, Yale hockey, Penn State hockey, Bowdoin College, the Universtiy of Massachusetts, Utah State University, the Winnipeg Jets, the University of Portland, Springfield College, Gustavus Adolphus College, the Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Worcester, Ajax FC and more every day.

As a response to many requests for larger, smaller and more portable units we have added the Icekube, the Icepod, the POLARPOOL® Stretch, the Icebox, and the Iceberg to our line-up. COLDTUB™ has a unit for almost every application.

The incredible benefits can be realized by anybody who seeks a high level of physical performance, faster recovery, and rapid rehabilitation. So far, professional sport teams, college sport departments, physical therapists, sports medicine facilities, hospital-based rehab clinics, military, individuals, and training facilities are utilizing COLDTUB™ cold water products.

The extremely compact size and portability make it suitable for even recreational athletes who simply want to recover rapidly from their sport so they can get back out there doing what they love, faster, healthier, and with less pain.

From our humble beginnings, COLDTUB™ has grown into the worlds largest supplier of cold water therapy units. Distributed in 36 countries with offices in Massachusetts and Midlands, England, our size, and made in America ingenuity, allows us to achieve economies of scale which make COLDTUB™ an affordable option for any application.

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Benefits of Cryotherapy
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Quicker muscle recovery
  • Increased blood flow to the muscles
  • Improved performance
  • Quicker injury recovery time
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Psychological competitive edge
  • Tighter and healthier skin

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