Annual Winter Early Buy Sale

$250 Minimum - Ends February 23th

Ends February 23th
2024 Winter Early Buy Sale
Get Great Deals on your Chemicals, Floats, Maintenance Equipment, Tumblers, and Coolers by buying in the off-season!

We do this sale only once a year, so don’t miss out.  This is your only chance to get up to 20% off pool and spa chemicals this year, with FREE Delivery.

Buy one of each item from the 4 Step Maintenance Program to receive 20% off anything in your ENTIRE cart!*

Step 1: Tablets – BioGuard SilkGuard Complete Tablets
Step 2: Shock – Smart Shock
Step 3: Algaecide – Algae Complete
Step 4: Clarifier – Pool Complete
Add all 4 Items plus anything else you want to the cart. Then use PROMO CODE: EBUY20

Don’t need the full Maintenance Program this Year? Get 15% off your a la carte order.*

      These are the most common items needed throughout the Summer.  Use this list to make quick selections for your Early Buy!

      Some often-overlooked items people need are replacement maintenance equipment, salt cell cleaner, winter closing chemicals, and Scale Control, Phosphate Remover, or Revive if your pool tends to open dirty.

      Some notes: 

      • Not all cartridge and DE Filters are on the website yet.  Please request a quote if you would to add replacement filters to your order.
      • We do not recommend purchasing Liquid Chlorine on the Early Buy.  Liquid chlorine has a very short shelf life.  We recommend purchasing this only as needed for troubleshooting rather than weekly maintenance.
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      Authentic Unicel Cartridges
      Now is the perfect time to order your replacement filters. Not sure which you need? Please contact us and we will help find the right set. We recommend replacing filters every three years and keeping your second set for start up or when you are cleaning your main filters. We sell only authentic Unicel or Manufacturer-direct replacement cartridges. Be careful with replacements online; many use Unicel part numbers but are not actually Unicel filters. If you purchase off-brand, we would recommend replacing every year.
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      2024 Winter Early Buy Details

      $250 Minimum – The 2024 Early Buy Sale Ends February 23th - Some exclusions apply*

      *Products that do not qualify for the Early Buy discount include service and labor, special order items, hot tubs, whole goods (filter systems, heaters, pumps, pool salt generators), and automatic pool cleaners, among other products.

      Unless you are contacted otherwise, Early Buys will be delivered by March 31st.  We have not received all of our Spring inventory from manufacturers yet, so some items on the list may be marked preorder.

      Don't want to order online? Just call in at 952-368-6070 or contact us below and one of our helpful staff can help create your Early Buy.

      Please be aware that we are switching accounting and scheduling systems for 2024. Because of this transition, we may not have reached out about service specials yet.