Used 2021 Saratoga A24 Hot Tub
Used 2021 Saratoga A24 Hot Tub
Used 2021 Saratoga A24 Hot Tub
Used 2021 Saratoga A24 Hot Tub

Used 2021 Saratoga A24 Hot Tub

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  • (W) 67” (L) 80” (H) 29”
  • 240 gallons
  • 500lb dry weight
  • Mahogany Cabinets with Sandstone shell
  • Electrical: 220v 60a required 
  • 2 speed pump – 195 gallons per minute
  • Energy Efficient 4kw Heater
  • Saratoga LED Lighting
  • Direct Impact Therapy System - 24 Versa Flo Jets
  • 2- 3 Person Seating Capacity
  • Ozone Generator
  • Sealed Base Insulation System
  • New 4x2.5” High Density Spa Cover

Note: This product is only available for local pick up.  Please choose local pick up at checkout as the website will not allow the order to process otherwise.  If you are purchasing other items you prefer to have shipped, they must be processed as a separate order.

  • Spa Shell - 5 Years
  • Spa Equipment - 1 Year
  • Plumbing, Jet Bodies - 1 Year
  • Jets - 1 Year
  • Spa Structure - 1 Year
  • Any other components not listed here - 1 Year
  • Mileage charge applies to warranty calls according to zip code.

Premier Pool & Spa believes reliable equipment & thorough inspections are required to offer a Premier Certified Used Spa. That is why we choose to only offer Premier Certified Used Spas that are fully inspected & upgraded by our professional spa service technicians. Premier Certified Used Spas go through a multi-step process with multiple inspections in each step to ensure your spa will operate like new.  Here is an outline of what each spa goes through before being offered for sale:

  1. Inspect spa surfaces and structure - Reject any spa that has any serious issues that cannot be repaired
  2. Inspect Shell - Reject any spa with serious delamination or cracks that cannot be repaired
  3. Inspect Cabinet - Reject any spa with serious cabinet issues that cannot be repaired
  4. Inspect Spa Base - Reject any spa with serious issues with the spa base that cannot be repaired
  5. Inspect Structure - Reject any spa with serious structural/framing issues that cannot be repaired
  6. Inspect plumbing - Reject spa if plumbing has serious issues or if serious issues are expected
  7. Inspect jet bodies - Reject spa if ANY leaks are present in ANY of the jet bodies
  8. Test & replace spa equipment
  9. Test spa pump(s), heater, control box & topside control
  10. Competitor's spa covers are generally not sufficient for MN weather, measure and order new replacement spa cover rated for our specific MN climate including all upgrades (reinforced hinge, WeatherProof fabric upgrade, double wrapped foam, full length hinge insulation)
  11. The upgraded cover we install on every used spa is heavier duty than the used spa cover's lifters can generally handle, replace spa cover lifter with new spa cover lifter on every used spa
  12. Replace spa steps
  13. Replace spa filters
  14. Final inspection, certification & spa flush
  15. Run spa for a minimum of 3 days to confirm there are no leaks, confirm all new equipment that was installed works, confirm the spa heats
  16. When spa is sold, do a full Spa Flush with Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse to get spa plumbing & all surfaces of spa free of Bio-Film for the new spa owner, then throw away old filters, drain & clean spa.

In Most Cases, Our Used Spas are Priced to include the Following:

  • New, Custom-Built, Cold Weather Ready Cover
  • New Steps
  • New Cover Lifter
  • Full Size Start Up Chemicals
  • Premier Used Spa Warranty

Check with your salesperson to verify the spa you are looking at is priced to include these items. Some spas will be priced to include existing spa covers and lifts if they are in good condition.

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Our used inventory goes fast and changes often. If you are looking for a spa, have a budget or would like to talk to someone about a hot tub purchase, call us.  We can help!

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