Bioguard Brominating Tablets (25lb) Bucket

Bioguard Brominating Tablets (25lb) Bucket


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  • Totally soluble sanitizing alternative to chlorine
  • Use in brominators and because bromine typically dissolves slower than chlorine
  • Bromine causes fewer odors than chlorine, which is ideal for indoor pools
  • BioGuard Brominating Tablets are a totally soluble sanitizing alternative to chlorine.
  • They are designed for use in brominators and because bromine typically dissolves slower than chlorine, this mode of sanitation may require less maintenance.
  • Also, because bromine causes fewer odors than chlorine, it is ideal for indoor pools.
  • These bromine tablets are effective in a wide range of pH levels.
  • This product will provide continuous killing of bacteria and is recommended for pools with recurring algae problems.

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