Red Flint Filter Pea Gravel 8-16 50LB Bag (Tube Bag)

Red Flint Filter Pea Gravel 8-16 50LB Bag (Tube Bag)


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Red Flint’s Gravel Media is composed of sub-angular, hard, durable, and dense grains of predominantly siliceous material. Extracted from a clean glacial sand deposit, Red Flint Sand & Gravel’s physical properties make it among the finest Sand Medias available in the world for filtration applications.

Red Flint’s Gravel Media is washed, kiln dried for smaller sizes, and screened to meet EXACTING specifications. Our manufacturing quality control and quality assurance deliver precisely the results required to minimize project risk and increase project margins.

Whether your needs include standard products or something not attempted before in Gravel Media processing, Red Flint Sand & Gravel will Deliver optimum project results with respect to your Gravel Media requirements.

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